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R.I.P MR TRIGZ 10. 10. 14

Lost another homie way too soon

BIG 5 FUNDRAISER 08. 24. 13

Me and Def had a great session for some of the raffle prizes….

All proceeds go to help Big 5 and fam through this surgery…….

What? Original Defer canvas?

DISSIZIT goodies

C u guys on Sunday!


If ya don’t know, now ya kno……..

death before dishonor!

available worldwide at a tattoo convention near u or at while supplies last

TRIGZ X NIKE 01. 28. 13

Cortez’s ova AF1’s all day! available here.

SLEEPS IN LONDON P1 10. 24. 12

PRIME X SLEEPS 9/01/12 08. 21. 12

3540 N. Mission Rd., Los Angeles,CA 90031

SLEEP X NORM IN HI 08. 11. 12

while back in the islands we linked up with a couple of cats from the mainland, Norm and Sleepy doing their thang at the tattoo convention.

Sal holding down the fort.

Norm with Big Mike from Defend

what? the homie Zodak in the house

“Cherry” hahaha

keeping it real traditional

Prime vandalizing the spot

love these, I should have grabbed a set!

Bomb Squad in the house!

hot body contest!

Live Punk band rocked out on the ramp…… good fun……. good bye………


as u may or may not know, we rocked a wall a few months back with flying frtress and 123 Klan. My section got buffed because of the offensive nature.

here’s my section, they felt the “stole” was too much, so we came back and redid the right side of the wall

ders Prime K2S gettin busy

this iz Jasper who runs POW WOW Hawaii

Throwing up the “H”. Big up to Bolter for helping out with the “Pow wow” DZT crew!

SHOT TO THE DOME 06. 06. 12

Big Sleeps in Amsterdayyyyyyyyyym!

FRIDAY THE 13: INK PARTY! 04. 12. 12