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OLD P 09. 28. 12



Thanx JonhX1 for the chop hope u don’t mind, i added sum highlights…..

DON’T GIV’ME NO LIP 08. 12. 12

Strictly tongue….

DON’T TREAD ON ME 05. 01. 12

RUNNING LINES 02. 14. 12

THE GOD OF ORDER 11. 27. 11

Clean yur act up and/or pray for mercy…….

SHE HAD TO GO 11. 24. 11

This is the second time this week we got peed on, hahahaa……Get pissed drunk this weekend! Be safe, tomorrow u can do it again!

thanx Highly Pigmented for the flick!

MARK OF THE BEAST 11. 07. 11

best get yours! 11.10.11 DZTLA@XL

9|14|83 – 7|23|11 07. 29. 11

“Love is a losing game……”

Before u start sending me hate mail, u deal with addiction and loss yur way and I’ll deal with it my way, fuck, I like her music………

IT WASN’T ME 07. 25. 11

while down in SD for ComicCon, we took some time off to smash a quick burner. The popo came through to sweat us. Time out for fun.