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1xRUN Presents: Doze Green’s Influence On Hawaiian Graffiti Culture from 1xRUN on Vimeo.

thanx for sharing and bringing him out!

I’M YOUR PUSHER 05. 16. 13

ART OF RAP TEE 05. 30. 12

DISSIZIT got asked to make the official tees for the June 15 release of THE ART OF RAP directed by ICE T. I don’t know what they gots planned for the tee release so yur super lucky if u get one.

while designing the tee, SLICK tried to slip in the handsteazy or 2 that got rejected by the powers that B.

can’t wait for the drop…….. for the movie as well, ha

BBB WRAP UP FLIX P1 04. 29. 12

Thanx eribody who came through to show der love for the tru art of the streets here in LA! This shit was no joke. I’m honored to be friends with these OG’s. Thank u eribody for being so patient in line and puttin up wit da heat. Hopefully the beer cooled ya down. I was in writer heaven with sick ass DJ’s killing it for us live! Dj Crook came down from Sac town and Phoreyz from LV, das sum luv right der!

Stash made it to the parking lot out back but got called away on sum emergency shit.

didn’t want to sign books till 2:30 but it was SWANKster, thanx for popping by……SH!!!!!!!

Red-Sand in the house………

Defer schoolin niggaz right out the gate!

PYRO blessin dat train book goin around

This blackbook peice by Sleeps and Def canvas print available at Xlarge thru the next month.

DJ Ice on the 1’s and 2’s with Longevity on the mic……. Big up to all the Dj’s Luman, Crook, Phoreyz, Kofie and ending the evening with the World famous Beat Junkie himself, Rhett-fucking-matic!


So many sick photos……..Thanx Monica! Let me restart my computer and post more……….



the sick ass poster is now available @ letters to live by

DZT X SHAO BROS. 02. 07. 12

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship”

~Siddhattha Gotama / Buddha

14 years ago, MASTA’ SLICK & i got together as SHAO BROS. and started SHAOLIN WORLDWIDE, a clothing & skateboard company.  We actually met many years before that while i was still skating for ALVA, and SLICK was painting live in front of a camera crew for a TV show at da “OG. Pavilion” in VENICE beach California.  2 dudes from totally different worlds… just do’in their thing for da love & passion of it.  A “chance” meeting so it seemed at da time, we gave each other a quick “pound” and acknowledged da fact that we we’re both from Hawaii liv’in & pursuing our “dreams” in da city of “Lost Angeles”.  Several years after our original meeting in Venice, we met again at a silk screening & sticker company that made goods for all da major companies in da skate & surf industry.  i was working at da time in da art-department as art-director when SLICK & DEN1 walked in to launch and make their first stickers & T-shirts for their new brand FUCT.  And da rest is history… it feels good to be working together again after all of these years… there’s been major changes in our personal & professional lives and we have both grown & evolved a lot since… as people, close friends, artists, and graphic designers.  The world around us has CHANGED a lot since those early years, but da passion for what we do has only GROWN… i’m very STOKED to be working again with SLICK STA and for his company… DISSIZIT!  Life has a funny way of keeping us together with da right peoples, places, & time… it seem’s to work out this way when we just allow for our heart, passion, & love for what we do lead us.  SHAO BROS. 4 LIFE!!!


one of the homies found this on youtube. Nice old footage……. At about a minute into it, homie takes a piss on my big old tag, hahaha, I didn’t know we had beef!

I’ll let this one slide cuz now we all from the city of Compton and all……….. but next time………..


Fire 1, the Digital Underground X D-Z FUCKIN’ T pull over hoody …… In stores inna week or so…….. u get THE DZT MIXTAPE VOL4 “BOMBS AWAY” CD by Phoreyz with every item!

BOMB SQUAD SINCE ‘84 09. 29. 11

dang, with my clear CAZALS! yes that’s a brush in 2 swift’s hand! (das how we rolled) …… my boy Krush dug up this old flick of me, 2Swift and the BS krew circa ‘84-85…… will the REAL BOMB SQUAD please stand up! BS representing the real HIP HOP in Hawaii way b4 u were even born kiddies…….