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the black edition has finally dropped along with 6 original sketches from the project. Thank u 1xrun for this beutiful letterpress print.

The SLICK Hand Alphabet print was inspired from my years of living in Los Angeles. The LA gang culture has been around from before the 60’s. When I moved here in the 80’s, it was in full swing and the streets were a war zone. I remember gangs were throwing up different initials of their set’s and one particular wall that stuck in my head was the 2 hands throwing up an H for Hoover. I later went on to do a character on a wall in the 90’s throwing up the “LA”. I never imagined how those hands would become a permanent fixture in LA streetwear, street art and LA gang/graff culture. I did the entire alphabet in my style with this print. I was really happy with the 1st edition so I was excited to find out that we could pull this 2nd edition from these time sensitive letterpress plates.

available at 1xrun

DZT X 123 WALL 07. 15. 14

great time this Saturday painting with Scien and Klor from 123 Klan, Brisk and Cook.

Photos shot by:


STICKY HANDS 11. 17. 13

OSAKA LOVE 10. 31. 13

@cookdissizit with the mummified LA hands!

WHERE THE CREW AT? 09. 23. 13

LA HALO SNAP 09. 09. 13


SATOKO chan approved!

CAP OF THE DAY 06. 17. 13

thanx BRealTV for the love……

HA’LA ALL GONE :( 05. 07. 13

thanx eribody……

I think there’s one left at Ethos gallery for this weekends exhibit, good luck!

HELLCOME TO LA 05. 03. 13

the ruff

a lil tighter

is that BIG SLEEPS going in?

BRISK goin in uptop

Defer and SLEEPS had a burner of their own in progress next door

KOPYESON jumpin fer the tag

gettin there

finished burner…..

a day later, kapowwwwwwwwwwww to see in person contact GHLA…….

HOLA 6″ AND 12″ CANVAS 04. 26. 13

SLICK’S new piece is now available as a 6″ and 12″ floater frame print. These are signed and splattered by SLICK and are an edition of 25. These will be available this weekend at GRAFF HOUSE LA and online at