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O’DAMN 09. 24. 13

DZTLA @ XL RELOADED 05. 13. 13

The DZTLA spot @ XL is fully restocked! come visit when u in LA….. say hi to Hayden!

DZTLA @ X-Large Los Angeles,Ca
1768 North Vermont
Los Angeles, CA 90027


M-S: 12NOON– 7PM
Sun: 12NOON– 6PM


u new school cats aint b knowin………. available at DZTLA@XL on Vermont and other fine retailers worldwide……

DZT X XL TANK 07. 10. 12

Available exclusively at the Los Feliz X-LARGE X DZTLA SHOP


I WUZ HERE AT BBB 04. 30. 12

Check out I wuz here sum pretty good coverage of BBB this Saturday.

BBB P2 04. 29. 12

This was the table to be at if u knew whatsup wit graff out here……….

what? OG ABEL in the house or izzit Sphere?

DZT goin in hard, thanx Los Feliz for the love……

Elvida even came through to hit some books.

nothing was safe……

Kofie pulled double duty, not only hittin books wit dat Draftsman shit but killed the turntables too……. multi task!

izzat too ganxta 4 u?

Cale stepped in for Charlie at this point cuz he was still painting

hey ladies!

Cale and Mark 7

Kuya took second in the  BB contest. Ben Thomas took first, it’s ok Kuya, u still #1.

lil Draser, Joker and Wylie

no wonder Persue was flying thru books so quick, he had his daughter going in for the tag!

Genius Aka 14BOLT explaining 2 me he was ducking out at 5:00 sharp for a hot date

Big Relic!

Thanx Siner for being a trooper…….. ooops, past Pyro’s nappy time…… will post the video for pt3! Thanx again to eribody who came out, if I forgot to mention yur name, sorry, I’m so bad wit diss shiet!

BBB WRAP UP FLIX P1 04. 29. 12

Thanx eribody who came through to show der love for the tru art of the streets here in LA! This shit was no joke. I’m honored to be friends with these OG’s. Thank u eribody for being so patient in line and puttin up wit da heat. Hopefully the beer cooled ya down. I was in writer heaven with sick ass DJ’s killing it for us live! Dj Crook came down from Sac town and Phoreyz from LV, das sum luv right der!

Stash made it to the parking lot out back but got called away on sum emergency shit.

didn’t want to sign books till 2:30 but it was SWANKster, thanx for popping by……SH!!!!!!!

Red-Sand in the house………

Defer schoolin niggaz right out the gate!

PYRO blessin dat train book goin around

This blackbook peice by Sleeps and Def canvas print available at Xlarge thru the next month.

DJ Ice on the 1’s and 2’s with Longevity on the mic……. Big up to all the Dj’s Luman, Crook, Phoreyz, Kofie and ending the evening with the World famous Beat Junkie himself, Rhett-fucking-matic!


So many sick photos……..Thanx Monica! Let me restart my computer and post more……….


spent part of the afternoon signing and numbering canvas for the Blackbook release party on Saturday.

30 different images to choose from…….

see ya Saturday, a few more special guest writers gave me heads up they’ll b passing through……….

THINK U GOTS STYLE? 04. 26. 12

bring yur “D” game……..