LUSH, NSFW 09.06.10

With all the advances in graff paint over the years, it’s refreshing to see somebody forget about it. This dude don’t give a fuck bout technique and stencil tips, just good old fashion offensive shit…..thanx lush.

I got a SLICK outline pretty similar to this concept but never a million years could I pull it off this fucked up! Rock on Mr. LUSH

Cheap motels, vintage porn and cheap paint……. living the life.

100% BEEF!!!!!!!

anatomy of a toy, hahahahahaa

hope this fool don’t get “bust”ed for this one, hahahahaa

  1. Fuck Face says:

    Fuck Yes!

  2. Daks-Isa says:


  3. Gillie says:


  4. akaida says:

    bukakke art! haha :)

  5. JiD says:

    Just my Style! Bad Ass!!!

  6. 382 says:

    I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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