$2000 PRIME RIB 03.16.08

It was Friday night and Tina K and myself decided to treat ourselves to some prime rib at “Steak n’ Stein”.


I was hungry as fuck and was looking forward to a juicy slab of beef. We pulled up and I noticed no cars were parked in front as usual. I looked up and there was a sign that said “Tow away zone”.

So I pulled up the hummer and turned into the lot. No sooner than I turned left I heard a horrific ripping sound echoing through the truck. I stopped to look what happened and it was then I realized I had ripped the luggage rack completely off the roof, tearing off the back lights! Fuck! I opened the hatch to put in the broken pieces and the cross bar. There were some people exiting the establishment giggling to themselves. I looked up to see if I damaged the building and noticed a sign that stated that it was a 6′4″ clearance…..FUCK! It was real difficult to fully enjoy the crab legs or the prime rib because I kept thinking about how much it was gonna cost to fix. I mean it was tasty and all, but at $2000? I guess its top ramen for the rest of the monf!