ART OF RAP TEE 05.30.12

DISSIZIT got asked to make the official tees for the June 15 release of THE ART OF RAP directed by ICE T. I don’t know what they gots planned for the tee release so yur super lucky if u get one.

while designing the tee, SLICK tried to slip in the handsteazy or 2 that got rejected by the powers that B.

can’t wait for the drop…….. for the movie as well, ha

  1. F3RNDAWG says:

    Slick FONT all DAY!

  2. DISSIZBRISK says:

    Whoa! Dat’s FIRE!

  3. 382 says:

    HAND STYLE ONE ALL DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. SPANKS says:

    FUK the man……………….

  5. right? no werries, shhhhhhhhhh, we dropping it anyway

  6. ktc says:

    They should of went with the Handstyle not the font. But i guess “the man” can’t read any real writing, so they gotta keep it friendly. Lose Money.

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