The Los Angeles contingent consisted of originators, heavy-hitters, and friends and supporters of Tempt. Partial roll-call (and please let me know if I’m missing anyone): Defer, Prime, SLICK, Angst, Panic, Key, Mural, Hash, Nuke, Pryer, Fear, This, Petal, Akua, Green, Dream, Kofie, Mandoe, Zuco, Tetris, Gabe88, Brief, Heaven, Roc, Thanks, Kel, Roc ,Heaven and Eyeone. We  even had outa town  NY legend Mare 139 and Bay Area OGs Vogue and Estria.

EyeOne gettin busy respect the technique, omitoffo If yur in the LA area near Sante Fe, go peep this one, it’s huge. Thanx everybody who came out to paint and show love for our boy TemptOne. Thanx Eye for the flix. for more photos, go to Eyeone’s site

  1. 382 says:

    DELM!!!!!!!!!!!!! DISS HERE GOES HARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sante fe and Hunter off the 10 frwy

  3. angee says:

    I would love to see this when I visit LA in a couple of weeks.
    Can you please give me a lil better description of where its located?
    Like major cross streets?
    Please&Thanks. (: