I went to a one night exhibit of an old buddy of mine from Art Center, Michael Hussar. I didn’t think he’d even remember me ’cause it’s been such a long time since we kicked it ( about 20 years). I really enjoyed the work and it was great to see somebody actually applying those skills we learned in school and actually make a successful living at it. The sketches were dope but his paintings, dang! I saw one there he worked on for 4 months, amazing. Damn i wish i finished my painting classes!


That’s Steven Daily, Mike Hussar, and me!


Great shit! We are working on getting a piece for maybe a future collab tee, we’ll see……

  1. Dona Licha says:

    Hussar is amazing

  2. AbleKay47 says:

    these are real nice,
    awesome www too,

  3. brian says:

    some dope titties. haha.

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