WEST OUT WEST 09. 30. 11

Issac ‘WEST’ Rubenstein presents Freedom Suite a collection of his new paintings at Environment in Los Angeles today. 8126 Beverly Blvd from 7pmm-10pm.

In his new paintings WEST delves deeper into linear abstraction and expressionism to produce some of the most ambitious and unique post graffiti paintings today. Though not literal in its relationship to graffiti the works express the gestures and rhythms closely associated to his memories as a writer.  But as Freedom Suite suggests there is a detatchment from the formal constraints found in his traditional graffiti art as well his early abstract expressionistic work.

Looking at the paintings over time you slips into the subconscious journey of his line and the emotional weight of his painting where one moves through temperate stages not just in tonal values but with aggressive brush strokes and graphic lines throughout.

Based on a theory of style writing and action painting the works also show his  ability to cake history in layers in to these new works. I find them inspired by heritage in some part and in a greater part his way of extending it.


here’s a tee we have dropping featuring her, shot by Willie T

here’s some more behind the scenes shots

so many good shots, we had a hard time choosin just one.

a quick lighting test as Elvida growls for Willie

The DXBones letterman kept her warm between shots

don’t be shy girl!

u can see ELVIDA SANTOS get her groove on in the new video “DISSIZIT YALL” by DMC or follow her on twitter check out more of Willie T’s werk at

BOMB SQUAD SINCE ‘84 09. 29. 11

dang, with my clear CAZALS! yes that’s a brush in 2 swift’s hand! (das how we rolled) …… my boy Krush dug up this old flick of me, 2Swift and the BS krew circa ‘84-85…… will the REAL BOMB SQUAD please stand up! BS representing the real HIP HOP in Hawaii way b4 u were even born kiddies…….

R U DOWN WIT THE KING? 09. 29. 11

………..WE R.

and in case u forgot….

The first of 2 exclusive jammies we did with DMC….

GOW 3 X-CLUSIVE 09. 29. 11

my B-day seems to get sweeter and sweeter, just got this from X-box, Epic, and SA, good lookin out!

i guess no kinda of werk iz gettin done tonight!


just in time for u to skate to that Low End Theory event in Eagle Rock this weekend!

I LIKE IT RAW!!!!!!!! 09. 28. 11

Biting in this industry iz like the big elephant in the room….. nobody wants to say shit. OK then, here’s somfin else for youz to sink yur grimey teef in……. Oooooooh baby I like it raw!!!!!!!!!!! Yu’ll be super lucky to find this wan on the shelves, the buyers slept on this bad boy……… in select retailers next week.

as shark week continues…….

HBD BB 09. 28. 11

FLJ X DMC X DZT 09. 27. 11

the new issue of FLJ dropped in Japan!

Thanx Mr. Ohno san for using my good side, FLJ rocks!

DMC X DZT FITTED 09. 27. 11

To go with the video we just dropped, the official DMC X DZT collabo, 2 New Era fitted styles in full effect!

signed by the big D himself!

happy hunting!