FTP! 07. 30. 11

guaranteed to get u locked up……. or at least, Rodney Kinged!

UTI CREW 25 YEARS……. 07. 30. 11

……. and still gettin sweated by the popo

damn, it sounded like the party was crackin inside

fuck, I rocked my new fav tee and all! I had to zip my shit up quick b4 somebody caught feelings. Me, Sleeps and Prime got the fuck outa dodge b4 they took us in just because.

valet was at capacity anyway………. Congrats UTI……25 years ain’t no joke, tru west coast graff represent!

9|14|83 – 7|23|11 07. 29. 11

“Love is a losing game……”

Before u start sending me hate mail, u deal with addiction and loss yur way and I’ll deal with it my way, fuck, I like her music………


Renegades of this time and age…….

it’s the time and age for renegades……


my peeps at SA asked me to come up with a ComicCon poster for the movie THE RAVEN. After a million revisions, here it iz in all it’s bloody glory. I did a search for it on google and a gang of people are talking about it. Everybody’s a poster critic, hahahahaa. For the most part, the response has been positive. Don’t know if they’ll actually use it for the national campaign yet but I guess I did my job, got fools talkin about it. I wish I could show u guys the ones that got rejected, those came out pretty ill as well.

NOW HATING……. 07. 26. 11

thanx MIKE for the flix! Only 75 of these bad boys worldwide!

here’s one I hit  in SD

The few we got left are available at ADD. limit 2 per household

FIRE IN SD! 07. 26. 11

Me and some of da boys decided to start a fire down at the con. The dudes at UND1SPUTUTED said thay had just the wall. The line up for the production was from left to right on the wall, Persue, Raver, MrMunk, SLICK,  Brisk, Kuya and batting clean up, Mr.Cire…… I’m not the guy to pull my own chain, BUT WE SMASHED THAT BITCH!!!!!! Thanx to everyone who came out and all the love down there. We must do it again real sooooon.

that’s how it loox all connector and shit…….

the man who ran the gym said he had bought a master Po at the last comiccon and wanted me to finish off the wall with one….

Raver and MUNK!

Kuya, Brisk and Cire!

Persue came in and added some flav

Kuya and Brisk

Cire, straight fire……

Ian, Tina K and me. The next few shots are pro…… shot by Mike Limestro, video coming soon…….

like “YAN CAN COOK” always says, “DONE”.

GETTIN UP IN GEARS 3 07. 26. 11

thanx Xbox, Epic, and SA for hookin it up, and Willie T for makin me look good in the process, just wish u guys used a harder track for the spot, hahahahaha

IT WASN’T ME 07. 25. 11

while down in SD for ComicCon, we took some time off to smash a quick burner. The popo came through to sweat us. Time out for fun.