It’s kinda ironic how his last piece was in the museum knowing the contempt he had for galleries and museums. He was a straight bomber and didn’t give a fuck bout museums. I know he only even entertained the thought cause Charlie drove up from Vegas to paint at the MOCA. I remember how amped he was at the idea of me and Green sneaking back in and going over everybody with a sick ass burner, he was torn about the whole thing because he saw how we were gettin stepchilded. Go to known to read some werds by RISK on the King Dream. KING DREAM 4 evah………………..

KING DREAM R.I.P 05. 30. 11

Diss iz a real difficult post for me….. I still can’t believe my ninja DREAM has gone to that yard in the sky…….. Thanx for the memories, all the good times and for making me feel welcome when I was a stranger to LA. Being he was Philipino from Carson, he reminded me of a local boy from back home. Everybody thought he was Samoan cuz of his dookie braids and ganxta mentallity ( and we kicked it with BOO YAA TRIBE ). This is the most recent flick Steve Grody snapped of us a month back at the TEMPT wall. He loved that shit cuz it was all silver and black.

GREEN, SLICK and KING DREAM…………….SMD, mo fo’, SMD! They made me honorary SMD fo the day, like DMC said,”…..down with the Kiiiiing”. You will be missed my brotha but never forgotten, KING DREAM……………

DMC VIDEO SHOOT 05. 27. 11

Dj Phoreyz has been werking on the next DISSIZIT MIXTAPE #4 the past few months. We were super stoked to have DMC from the legendary crew RUN DMC do a track for us on it called “DISSIZIT YA’LL!” If that wasn’t sick enough, DMC came out to shoot a music video for it directed by Thomas “the sniper” Trail ( they call Tom the sniper cuz one shot one kill)

It’s gonna drop real soon along with the collab shit we did with DMC.  Here are some sneak peak photos from the video shot by Steazy. Thanx everybody who came out to make this happen…….. history in the making…….

JMJ 4 evahhhhhhhhhhhh……………

I’ll keep u posted on official release dates for collab, mixtape and the video!

HAPPY B-DAY 2 ME 05. 25. 11

Clean and sober maybe but still dirty as fuck!

THE END IZ NEAR 05. 25. 11

CUATRO FLATS 1980 05. 24. 11

DISSIZIT ROCKS! 05. 23. 11

BACK STABBATH 05. 20. 11

It’s so nice to be back home in the islands away from all those industry fake mutha fuckaz, biterz, internet thugs and back stabbers. Don’t trip u phoney ass bitches, I’ll be back to the grind inna few, so sharpen yur blades.


Hooked up with Jef Hartsel at the APB shop near Aala park…… Shao brutha fo life. Don’t trip, no relapse, just posing with a couple of funny ass decks….

R U A BAD ASS? 05. 16. 11

8990 in the hizouse………… another video sent in from youz, our peoples out der in the trenches doing your thang…… keep em coming………………..

u a bad ass, a bad ass………. like I said, DISSIZIT runs deeeeeeeeep.