SERVER DOWN 02. 28. 11

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RAID! 02. 28. 11

We”ll never talk officer………DISSIZIT forever…………….


HAPPY BDAY 2SWIFT 02. 26. 11

After kicking it at Known and Hall of Fame, we found our way to AFEX for my boy 2SWIFT’s Bday. This iz the spot if u like classic Hip-hop. 2SWIFT was doing a guest spot there. If u don’t know, me and 2SWIFT go way the fuck back. He and I had a crew together in Hawaii called BOMB SQUAD since ‘84. He and the rest of my crew were sick ass B-boys…… since I wasn’t as good at breaking, I excelled in graff. Harold’s always loved the music and always had flav at whatever he fucked wit, so became a DJ. It was good to hear him spin and do his thang…. dang he was going deep into the archive that night. I saw heads there that I haven’t seen  in a minute. It was good catching up with the homies.

1984 was an exciting year for us…. BOMB SQUAD in the house…….

homegirl ripped shit up!

a little show and tell…..


like the hotties, these too were off limits for me…….. married and dieting…….. only look, no touchie.

he couldn’t wait to jump on………….. the turntables u sick fucks, the turntables, hahaha!

Rox the hostess with the mostess……

Muggs and Adam 12, SA in the house!

Oh shit, Dj Lethal in the house along wit Marcus Wyatt, DJ P and DJ Ice as well! I always wondered where DJ’s go to chill and unwind.

There’s Miss V and 2Swift’s baby sister Ashley who flew in from Hawaii to surprise him. I don’t have a flick of Alex, she was from our old dance crew IB, It was good to see her too.

Happy Birthday B-boy! Thanx Eddie Donaldson and Adam 12 for the hospitality. Maybe I can have my birthday there when I reach 2Swift’s age?

EWOKKK @ KKKNOWN 02. 25. 11

I went out for my boy 2swift’s b-day last night. We were a little early for the club so we stopped by my man Eklips’s gallery on Fairfax, Known Gallery. We were lucky enough to get a private viewing of Ewok’s latest werks. Good thang the gallery got bulletproof glass!

My personal fav from the show…..


Homegirl popped into the gallery asking to use the restroom and in return could put stickers on her nipples. Who am I to say no to an intoxicated female.

Eklips represent.

We went next door to see what all the rukus was and to my surprise, DJ Muggs was spinning at Hall of Fame for a DTA fitted release.

Eric Dressen just got finished tatting and came out for a photo op.

what the ????????? ain’t that the truth!

tsup Sean bizzle……

Muggs was smashing shit up…….


I thought we were on Sunset early 90’s for a second. Good times and then it was time to go see 2swift.


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MEET HAL PACINO 9000 02. 24. 11

Conversation can serve no purpose any more.     goodbye.                -HALPACINO 9000

AIN’T NUTHIN NEW 02. 22. 11

Making noise even way back then.

NEW ERA CAP TALK 02. 22. 11

check out the interview I did for the cats at NEW ERA CAP TALK

the new icy grape joint with my Mare 139 signed can!


I guess it would be the equivalent to FOUR LOKOS but with a longer hangover ( up to 2 days ). Last time I tasted her was outside the Three Palms parking lot. I don’t remember if I had a good time onnit, but remember waking up in the Hacienda Heights Sheriff’s station with me and the crew facing fucking assault charges! Cisco’s hellova drug!