DJ MONEYSHOT P1 & 2 01. 31. 11

PINATA PORN 01. 31. 11

Glad to see everybody hard at work.



city beautification project…..

MONX @ ADD 01. 28. 11

A few years back, I was painting a shit load of monks on walls. Dez, Tony and myself came out with a few toys. We ran into several brick walls in production and distribution cause we were so new to the toy game. Since then I haved moved away from my monks and went back to street (guns, money and bitches not necessarily in that order). I hooked back up with Sifu Tony and he had some Monx deadstock…so here they are. Available exclusively through ADD. No matter how thug I may try to purpetrate, I’m always a buddhist at heart……. omitoffo, mofo!

even the box design iz rad.

I forgot how sick these lil’ dudes were!

their names were based on chinese #’s 1,2,3,4,5,& 6!

meet Yee number 1 student monk

Url the drunk student

Sahn the third student with his calligraphy brush and scroll

student 4 Suh

Woo gots the nun chux

and 6 Leeyo

with his butterfly swords

NEW ERA VISIT 01. 27. 11

We went down to the New Era Headquarters in Irvine. Can’t really show too much but here are a few flicks. Chi-kay and Donavan were super gracious and said we could grab whatever caps we wanted accept for the Spike Lee collab and the giant one (not Mike Giant but as in oversized) which were the 2 I wanted, hahahahaa. I wanted a flick of it but the camera ran out of juice! I signed a few of the DxB caps for Donavan cuz those are collector joints now (thanx D Tigers)

I want one of these in the crib, it brings yur frumpy cap back to life!

Thanx again for lunch and the dope little cap case u hooked up so I won’t smash my shit on the road!


My boy Simon Chan Directed this short film

Saturday at 10:00pm – Sunday at 1:00am Come party with Spindrift live w/ DJ’s Carlos Rossi & Dan Mancini. Door: Donation. Screening the short film(Directed by Simon Chan)/first Single “Confusion Range” from the Upcoming Album “Classic Soundtracks” due 04/05/11 Other visuals will be screened throughout the night. Oh, and the place will be decked out to look like a haunted ghost town. Dress accordingly.

D RINGS 01. 27. 11

………. show off!


A New York man was sentenced to 107 years behind bars Monday after making one last request to a judge, “suck my dick.” 24-year-old Zaire Page was hit with 107 to life for the death of Lethania Garcia and for wounding four other people. Prosecutors report that Page was part of a deadly October 2008 shootout in Fort Greene New York. He was given the maximum sentence Monday after he stood before Judge Vincent Del Giudice and said, “With all due respect and from the bottom of my heart, suck my dick.” The New York Daily News reports that Judge Del Giudice, didn’t miss a beat and replied, “I respectfully decline your offer. You are a danger to all civilized members of society.” Paige and his accomplice Robert Crawford attacked the victim Garcia after he left a state court.The pair chased him and shot inside a hair salon where Garcia was killed and the others injured. Crawford was sentenced to 53 years. I guess a lil remorse is worth 54 years?

IP MAN 2, CAN’T WAIT 01. 26. 11

Ip man’s all about respect, I know a few fools that could learn a thing or two from the IP man. Ip man 1 was dope, I hear #2 iz just azzzzz…….


Clifford, Cliffy, Cliff Dee, Heath Cliff, and even Hump Daddy were just some of the names he was known by.  But to most of us he was plain ole Cliff!
But “plain ole” Cliff was not!  Cliffs impact in the car scene, along with his pristine 1964 Ford Galaxie 500, started with a group of guys and their tricked out rides who gathered every weekend at the local Jolly Rogers to catch up and talk story.  However, it was Cruise Mode Car Club, RockBottom Minis, and The Others Bike Club that had the honor of having him as part of their family.  No matter what family he was in at the time, he will always be remembered as the guy who helped clean your ride for a car show, who stayed up all night working on your hydraulic system and who stayed up all night piecing together your 1960s’ Schwinn bicycle.  Cliff may be gone, but his passion and essence will live on in all whose lives he has touched.

Clifford Kale Joseph DeRego
April 17th 1964 – January 4th 2011
Ride In Paradise!

what? still takin’ trophies.

I heard a few hundred came out for the ride, I wish I could have been there…….. Aloha Cliff.