SHIT’S ‘BOUT TO POP OFF! 12. 31. 10

Get yours now or wait till the other brands do one too!

HAPPY NEW FUCKIN YEAR! (Drive safe, don’t drive buzzed, walk mutha fucka, walk…..)

HAPPY NEW YEAR 12. 31. 10

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2010 UP IN SMOKE 12. 30. 10

KRUSTYLAND 12. 29. 10

We went to Universal Studios cuz the homie Hikaru was in town. Thank goodness Tina K got us all Front Of The Line passes cuz as it turns out, we picked the busiest day of the year, 40,000 people? The only thing u couldn’t use the pass for was the bathrooms and food lines, but it werked out perfect for everything else. It was a beautiful day except that X-mas was done, but they were rocking X-mas music as if to torture a mutha fucker, arghhhhhhhhhhhhh humbug!!!!!!!!!!!! We whizzed through all the lines, getting stink eye from everyone who didn’t get vip passes that had to stand for 2 hours or more for some rides. I didn’t look any of them in the eye, I didn’t want them to kill our stoke. The longest wait for us was maybe 3 min? The ride of all rides was Krustyland! The ultimate cartoon adventure; they fucking killed it! It was like u forgot where u were for a second and actually were in the Simpsons cartoon! It was insane! They redid the King Kong attraction and gave it a fucking facelift. No more animatronic ape. They went fully surround 3d experience. It was as if u were in the middle of the jungle brawl!

not one of the best attractions, but kinda amusing none-the-less

they made Hikaru feel at home with the signage…..


Oh shit, Jaws, hahahahahaa

War of the worlds!

Grinch dude




After the ladies conquered Mummy we went fo’ some Umami!

BXH X NE 1 of 15 12. 29. 10

Only 15 made worldwide!

DOG the bounty hunter don’t even have this one!

Thanx Hikaru! All other toys suck…………… BXH!

3 ON 3 12. 27. 10


Who doesn’t love basketball…? Its one of the best sports in history hands down! And we at Fat Kids want to kick off 2011 with a little 3on3 streetball battle. The 3on3 will be held at a secret location in Melbourne and is proudly sponsored by ADIDAS and Dissizit.

If ya’ think yo’ team’s got the skills to take home $3,000 prize, a trophy and the “King of Streetball” title… register now.

NO RULES, NO second chances, S*** talk all you want, and WINNER TAKES ALL!

- There are ONLY 32 spots available

- All spots are strictly allocated on a first come first serve basis
- Location details will only be released to participants upon confirmation of registration.
- Registration closes 20th January 2011

Download Application Form and Rules & Regulations Below.
3on3 Application form
3on3 Rules and Regulations

Y SANTA DON’T ROLL 12. 25. 10

….. through the hood.

I seen diss on Risky’s FB from Pryer…… Don’t get too faded this Holiday season……..

THANK YOU 12. 25. 10

SOULFUL X-MAS JB 12. 25. 10

I’m not a big x-mas song dude. I kinda wanna say Christmas songs are kinda annoying but this one’s different, it’s James Brownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, good god!


If u missed the letterman u can still swoop the hood version.

or just wait till next November for next years Black Friday sale. “… cuz the boys in the hoods are always hard…..”