PE WITH SKIRTS? 09. 30. 10

Fernando and Julio hooked her up. The “Pineapple Express” is looking sleek as ever with her freshly painted cruising skirts. That shit loox Jetsons like a mutha fucka! Thanx, now i can cruise with the crew.

WHERE WILL U B @ A 1/4 2-3? 09. 30. 10

KING ORGASMUS 09. 29. 10

HE DID IT SEGWAY 09. 27. 10

Just like the countless innovators, explorers and fine people killed in a Frankensteinian way by their own inventions, the current owner of Segway—not Dean Kamen—died yesterday after he rode off a cliff and into a river in England. Jimi Heselden, aged 62, was found at 11.40am yesterday by the River Wharfe in North Yorkshire, with his X2 Adventure (pictured) by his side. Police believe that it was just a freak accident, with nothing suspicious about the man worth $262m falling to his death. It’s particularly poignant as his company had only just purchased the Segway company in December 2009. He sounded like a really nice guy according to reports, a chap who left school at 15 to work in the mines, but was fortunate enough to develop some interesting-sounding defense systems which made him millions. He was one of those rare philanthropists who had given away millions to charity but didn’t like to talk about it—at least £23m ($36m) in the last few years alone, it’s thought. He should have invested some of that loot on a parachute system for the device. He did it his way, Segway!

MILKY vs LIL DEMON 09. 27. 10

sux to get served by a lil’ Grom….. I know the feeling all too well, thank god it was before the invention of youtube! Thanx Woes for the link! Hawaii B-BOY rock on!

MORE FROM 1984 09. 27. 10


I did a HMC for my boy in Halawa Mob CRIPS


No not with Obama but the White House of Aneheim

Gnocchi Gorgonzola

Pasta e Fasoi Soup

Brasato Piemontese    Signature Dish ~ boneless beef short ribs braised three hours in an Italian Barolo reduction topped with a touch of a horseradish

Thanx Rommel and Reeser, it was su-perb! I wish everyday was my birthday.

SLICK NEW LOOK 09. 27. 10

Help me choose a new look for 2011!

The handlebar

mean clean Green

The Jack Sparrow

The Magnum P.I.

The Joe Namath

Dr. Mario


The Charlie Chaplin

The Fu Man Choo

The Dali

The Cheech Marin



so suave.


The Peter Chris

The Daim

The Number of the Beast

The scribble

The Zorro

The Wu Tang

K2S, STN, LOD WEEKEND 09. 27. 10

The boys went out this weekend to rock sum shit.

to my surprise, Cab rocked me a SLICK for mi birthday!

i know I posted up top but I just wanted to see it again, hahahahaa

thanx guys!

ASH, CONART 09. 27. 10

Big Ash stocked up on the LA HANDS the other day for his Conart shop on fairfax.

If u don’t all ready know, Conart was one of, if not the first graff brand in LA before all this street shiet, even b4 me and Risk with 3rd Rail.