O.G. EZ RYDER TEE 07. 30. 10

“Jay Boy” Adams seen here rock’n the first one off the press. OG Jef Hartsel rocking the second one. I guess I’ll be third!

Bless the Manifest

Obed, Manifest and Carrol from Luna.

FALL 2011 DECKS 07. 30. 10

Hot off the press, these bad boys will be in shops in about a week. Don’t sleep on the Chaz joint, only 70 produced!

girl on girl action never fails.

peep out EZRYDER blog to take a sneak peek for spring 11 decks, shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

COREY BOHAN @ X-GAMES 07. 30. 10

We got a sneak peak of warm ups yesterday. the video is from the first elimination round.

A”X”E GAMES 07. 29. 10


the boys…..

Prime, Defer, Gabe, and Woier at X-Games.


Hikaru got that “PMA” , BXH X DZT all dayyyyyyyyyyyy!

PONCH IZ DOWN 07. 28. 10

Manifest forwarded me this from that show C.H.I.P.S. Ponch is down with us…

classic shit right here… Reseda SkaterCross skatepark!!!

HATED SINCE 1984 07. 27. 10

Stand in line; folks been hating on me since 1984. This niggah’ Skez said it from the bottom of his heart, oh damn…….

Sorry Skez, there still is life after your Black book rage and even after this facebook age……

MIA, masters in art? More like missing in action, hahahahahahahaa


BLOOD-BATH @ THE SDCC 07. 27. 10

Saturday, two Comic-Con attendees got into a fight over seating and one stabbed the other near the eye; both men were in their 20s, one was taken to the hospital and the other was arrested. The Comic-Con conference began Thursday and ends Sunday in San Diego at the Convention Center.
Local police said that the two were in an argument over how close they were to each other when one of the men attempted to stab the other in the eye with a pen. The attacker was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and was taken from the conference in handcuffs.
The argument occurred in a room that was crowded with people waiting for actor Seth Rogen to speak on the topic of science-fiction comedy “Paul.” The talk was delayed for about a half hour while the police sorted out of the argument, and movie trailers were shown to keep the crowd entertained. Izzn’t a stabbing entertainment enough! Good thing they are moving Comic-con to LA, where it’s safe, hahahaha…

SMSLINGSHOT 07. 27. 10


After a busy day at comic con we went to Roy’s for some good old fashion fusion dining, whatever that means. We were running a little bit behind so we had Erik Estrada ( Poncharello from C.H.I.P.S) hold us a table. I ran into the scientist cat and had him hit up my comic con bag. I said, “Aye, u the Mythbusta’ guy on my bag!” I geek out sometimes, sorry. We werked our way to the club for the release party. Big thanx to Nonstop, Cros and his crew for showing much love.

Kobe beef rolls?

The blackened Ahi was spicy as fuck!

Volcano desert!

Felti on the 1’s and 2’s

SLICK, WOES, HASLR and TOO SHORT. He’s a lot taller in person.

Haslr in the house.


Paul and DezZir

RBST and TOYGAMI had a paper doll battle…..