SLICK X GEARS OF WAR 3 06. 29. 10

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The first phase of the Gears of War 3 project was set in motion. Thanx Willie for using my good side and SA Studios for making this pop off. Big Enik smashing cyberspace!

RAMMELLZEE R.I.P 06. 29. 10

UNDEFEATABLE SINCE 1993 06. 29. 10

SY, 8-BIT GRAFF, RUSSIA 06. 29. 10

CABO WEEKEND 06. 28. 10

Tina k and I escaped to Cabo this weekend to celebrate the Spring 11 catalog going to print. It sounded like a great idea after seeing it on Ben Ballers blog.

When we boarded the plane, they told us we had to get off due to a fuel spill. Dang, first the Gulf of Mexico, now the tarmac at LAX! They finally got der shit together and had us on the next plane to cabo: 3 horas later!┬áBy the time we got to Mexico, the airport was already shut down and even getting to the room was a mission, especially since we didn’t sleep the night before. Luckily 4 us, somebody from the agency stuck around to insure we got to the hotel safely.

The next day we saw the view from the room and we stopped cussing out Ben. It was amazing.

Some lava-lava, action…

Tina K all day.

Trust, the waves look 10 times bigger in person, we are actually way up on shore.

The waves looked unreal, too bad I neva bring my board, hahahaaa, yah right.

The next day we went ATV into the desert.

Dang, mui caliente!

Cool rider.

…not so cool rider.

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Dang, out of everybody on the ATV adventure, a fuckin Mexican bee thingeee flew in my face scarf and stung me on the face! WTF!

This cool ass sculpture of this angel in the lobby

Some rattan day of the dead shiznit.

More sick folk art in the lobby. Wish we didn’t have to get back so soon to the daily grind.

WHO SAID DISS “IZ” IT? 06. 24. 10

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Long live the King.



55 pages of realness! Youz think u gots styles? This izza must for tattoo shops and graphic art departments alike. He even breaks it down to the stroke! I thought magicians aint supposed to give up the techniques!

Go ahead and bite, we all know what’s up. BIG SLEEEEEEEEEEEPS! GET THE BOOK HERE, LETTERS TO LIVE BY

XXX-RAY 06. 21. 10

It’s not what’s on the outside, It’s what’s on the inside that counts, hahaha…….

Miss January

Miss Feburary

Miss March

Miss April

Miss May

Miss June

Miss July

Miss August

Miss September

Miss October

Miss November

Miss December

Calendar available on eBay.

BIG PRIME, K2S, LOD 06. 21. 10

OG Prime came through rocking the Chaz D new era, sharing some of his black book stylings.