SUCK THE BANANA! 09. 30. 09



While in London, I met a bunch of cool writers and took a few minutes to bless a wall with a monk. It was at a sick ass yard. I hope to maybe go back someday to do a production there with “SHUCKS” and the other talented chaps who were there.



PSYKO FUNK 09. 26. 09

My homies BOO YAA TRIBE came out with this track a while back. You can see me in frame 3:07 and at the end spraying paint in the mental ward! This version the part i’m openning the spray painted door is cut out. You can see the full version on youtube for that part.


Can’t tell you how old SLICK makes today but I can tell you it’s not as old as the 59 Impala.


( sorry, this photo was actually taken at a SLICK B-day a few years back but you get the idea.)

HAPPY 50TH, ‘59 CHEVY IMPALA! 09. 24. 09

The story of the `59 Chevy starts in 1957. Harley Earl, who was in charge of styling for General Motors, got pretty shaken up after viewing the new crop of Chrysler products that were being released. They were fresh, long, and striking. And they had fins–fantastic fins of monumental proportions. Upon seeing these cars, it is said that Harley Earl had all the existing `59 GM designs scrapped in preparation for all new cars. GM wanted some “Chrysler Killers,” and they were also reeling from the fact that Fords were selling near or above their own production figures. The `57 GM line, with the exception of the Chevy, had not been well received by consumers. It was too late to change the `58 line, but the time was right to go in and shake things up for the next year. With a few improvements to the `58 systems, designers used the same drive trains and frames but changed the sheet metal completely. The `59 Chevy was the last car that Harley Earl designed for GM before retiring, and his flamboyant style was very evident. The rear fins, rather than sticking straight up, were placed nearly parallel with the road and dropped into a “V” in the center. The taillights were redesigned as a sideways teardrop to flow with the drop of the fins. A complete departure from the individual lights of the year prior, the design would return to individual lights for 1960 and continue on for many years (read more about this in Chevy59 Blog). The headlights were moved to the grill rather than above it, a style queue that was common for the model year that slimmed the look of the front end. The window area of the car was increase greatly. Visibility improved, but with a price; the cars tended to get quite hot inside, because of the glass that went far into the roofline. Spearhead trim was used on the vehicle’s sides in varying width, depending on the model. Impalas, naturally, got the widest shiniest Stainless Steel trim while the Biscaynes got skinny anodized spears. Impalas also received a dummy exhaust port above the rear window, one of the few styling queues carried over from 1958. An addition to the vehicle line-up in 1959 was the El Camino, a stylized light-duty pickup based on the station wagon. Introduced to compete with the Ford Ranchero, over 25,000 El Caminos were built during the model year. Production numbers the 1959 were impressive and around 1.4 million cars. This was about 200,000 more cars than 1958.










09 WINTER LOOKBOOK 09. 23. 09

Go to the features section and click on lookbook to peep a few shots from the new collection.



STUCK IN THE UK 09. 21. 09

The wifey wanted to see the sights before we came back. We hooked up with and old mate of mine Steam and his girl Mel. We didn’t get to see too much but at least I got to get up a lil’ bit. We tried to catch the Dalek and Delta show but we were too late. I’ll post pics from the yards we visited next.














OKTOBERFEST 09. 21. 09


ADIDAS SHOOT, UK 09. 18. 09

For this spot they really did it up big. I’ve painted for a few days on set and now was my big debut. Everybody was so nice and made me feel super comfortable the entire time I was there. I arrived on set early in the morning but didn’t get shot till early evening. I went to wardrobe to try on my outfit and started changing in the same area as all the extras. I was down to my boxers when they informed me I had my own trailer right next to Ciara. I got a bit sick the night before from going bombing in shorts, so the doctor on set gave me some medication that knocked me out for a few hours. I woke up feeling like a new man.
The illest part was to have the sneakers I designed in my size. It was one thing to see them in photos but there’s nothing like the real thang. Since the painting was done already, all I had to do was act like I was painting. I’m pretty good at that cuz I used to be a mime. Everything went pretty smooth at the shoot so I went back to my trailer. While I was resting, I opened the door to see what all the commotion was when the door was pushed in my face twice by no other than Ciara’s bodyguards! He said sorry and that he didn’t see me exiting the trailer, he’s super lucky I was in an excellent mood and didn’t introduce him to Mr. Right and Mr. Left. Besides Ciara, they were also shooting some Korean superstar Hyori Lee (no relation to Mr. Lee’s BBQ in Cerritos). Her spot was pretty funny, she was posing like some 90’s Fine Magazine shoot. You know, that typical FOBie shit. She was cute though.


I can’t show too much from the shoot but here’s a few products I have dropping in the SLICK capsule from Adidas.


The door that got slammed in my face.


They must have known I was a vandal because everything was covered in plastic!


These aren’t the ones I designed. I just hit these up for the guy in wardrobe. Oh shit, I forgot to dot the “i”. Sorry mate, my bad.